The Benefits of Becoming a Master Gardener

I often hear from people at clinics, “What are the advantages of becoming a Master Gardener?”  The answer to this question is very diverse.

  1. The foremost benefit to the individual is the opportunity to learn about plants, soil and horticulture. In order to become a Master Gardener, one must complete educational requirements proving their sound knowledge of horticulture and continue their professional development by completing 6 continuing education units such as workshops, lectures, or preparing and delivering horticulture presentations.
  2. As a Master Gardener, one has the opportunity to contribute to community growth and development. This occurs when you get involved in a community gardening project or volunteer in a school program.
  3. Master Gardeners share knowledge and skills that advance society. Because we have access to current information about gardening methods Master Gardeners pass on science-based tips and tricks for gardeners, share information about new plant introductions, and inform the public about new diseases and insects that threaten plants. This is done through clinics and presentations
  4. Master Gardeners are respected in the community. As a Master Gardener, you will be a welcome addition to your local gardening club, sought after to present gardening information and welcomed to do advice clinics in your community.
  5. Being a Master Gardener provides an opportunity to be part of a social group of likeminded volunteer Master Gardeners who learn and grow together.
  6. Attending regular Master Gardener meetings provides an opportunity to attend lectures presented by horticulture professionals from the gardening community who are eager to share their knowledge.

This represents many of the benefits of becoming a Master Gardener. If you wish to explore joining  Northumberland Master Gardeners send an email to

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