LIST OF PLANTS RECOMMENDED BY TATTOED GARDENER Syneilesis aconitifolia Jeffersonia Dubia Deinanthe caerulea, Spigelia marilandica, Podophyllum pleianthum,   CLEMATIS Freckles – tiny flowers difficult to grow Empress – Raymond Evison Avant guarde Crystal Fountain Tie Dye – Jacomanii Vienella Clematis … Continue reading

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Paul Gellatly: “The Tatooed Gardener”

Known as the “Tatooed Gardener” Paul Gellatly has a significant presence on facebook and Instagram, with millions of followers. His presentation for NMG centered on two themes. Firstly, he talked about design principles and then he recommended his favorite plants … Continue reading

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Orchid Care For Beginners

If you have always wanted to try keeping orchids, now is the perfect time of year for a beginner to do so.  The easiest-to-care for orchids can always be found in the stores just prior to Christmas and through the … Continue reading

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Gardening In Raised Beds

Raised beds built along the property line between neighours. It serves as a community garden between the two families, taking advantage of a full sun location and sharing both watering tasks and harvests. As you think about gardening next spring, … Continue reading

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Good Bones

Black and white photos of your garden show very clearly  areas that need added texture, height or contrast. We tend to think that gardening is over at this time of year. Usually we have everything put to bed and mulched … Continue reading

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Fall Care For Peonies

  Peony Mary Eddy Jones Peonies are tough plants that can survive some pretty adverse conditions  but a little care changes surviving to thriving. Fall care is important. Autumn is the best time to plant bare root peonies and the … Continue reading

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