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Master Gardeners is a volunteer organization aimed at making gardening information readily available at no cost to the public.

Northumberland Master Gardeners is an active group of 20 men and women from across Northumberland County who are also members of Master Gardeners of Ontario. Each member has completed at least three specific college/university horticulture courses or equivalent and has a wealth of gardening experience.

Northumberland Master Gardeners were formed in 2005 as a breakaway group from Peterborough Master Gardeners. Meetings are held monthly at the Cobourg Legion Village meeting room on the second Wednesday of the month. Most meetings have an education component, usually a guest speaker; July and December are social meetings.

Master Gardeners is a volunteer organization and each member agrees to provide 20 hours of gardening advice to the public each year. Most Northumberland MGs complete their volunteer requirement by volunteering at Davis’ Independent Grocer Garden Centre, Port Hope Farmer’s Market, Port Hope Fall Fair,  Warkworth Lilac Festival; local garden tours, or giving gardening advice to private individuals as requested.

Additional information www.mgoi.ca

E mail us:  nmg13@hotmail.ca

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