Your Independent Grocer Garden Centre

YIGs Flower Market 1 (2)

At  the April Northumberland Master Gardener meeting we  were pleased to welcome Rosa from Port Hope’s Independent Grocer Garden Centre. Rather than making a presentation Rosa chose to answer questions from group. Lots of good questions asked and information given.

Because  it is an independent grocer Rosa is able to place orders for plant material.She does have to accept  the Loblaws feature plants but has the flexibility to order  some specialty items.

All of the plant material is Canada grown, trees are from Sheridan Nursery.

One of the challenges of running a Garden Centre is scheduling staff. Garden Centre business is very weather dependent with sunny days bringing out all the gardeners. On cold rainy days they are very lonely.

The role of Master Gardeners at the Garden Centre was discussed. Because we have been volunteering there  for a number of years most people recognize us now and seek us out. While we should not discourage sales it is important to give people accurate advice about their chosen plants needs. Sometimes customers don’t understand that the little plant they are buying will grow into a 12 foot shrub and may not be suitable right at their front door.

YIGs Flower Market 2 (2)



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