Speaker at November Master Gardener Meeting – David Beresford, Entomologist, Professor at Trent University in Peterborough




David Beresford, Entomologist, Professor, Trent University

David Beresford provided Northumberland Master Gardeners with a passionate and interesting talk entitled “Insects in the Garden and Elsewhere”
David described various research studies that he is carrying out, much in the area of pests affecting farm crops. The purpose of much of this research is to determine how to rid the environment of the bad pests without harming other beneficial insects and in the process putting less pesticide into the landscape.
David also addressed what is happening to our ash trees. He explained that our generation will see ash trees disapper but he reassured us that in 200 years they will be back. 20% of ash trees are immune, which will be enough to sustain the population.
David also addressed the issue of ticks in our area. He explained that when a new insect moves into an area it often arrives enmass. However as the natural predators move in behind it, the population is controlled. He suspects this will be the same with our current tick population.
David showed us a number of beautiful slides of insects, moths, and butterflies. He stressed the importance of leaving woodpiles and decaying trees on your propety (provided they are not a danger) to provide habitat for insects and other wildlife.
It was a lively and engaging presentation, favourably received by all in attendance.

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