Lousy to Lush In ten Steps

Lousy to Lush in 10 Steps

The speaker for our June meeting was Cauleen Viscoff. Cauleen is a Peterborough Master Gardener and a professional horticulturist.
She gave us an entertaining slide show presentation on how to rescue a garden in ten easy steps. Applicable  to gardens large or small. Some of her suggestions were:

1. See what you have and make a list,

2. Take pictures to see what you might have missed while looking around.

3. View the garden from an upstairs window or step ladder to get a different perspective.

4. Ask yourself “How will I use my garden?”

5. What do I needto include  in my garden? Paths, low walls, hedges, new beds.

6. What areas do I want to create? Reading, dining etc.,

7. What are my likes and dislikes?

8. How much garden maintenance am I prepared to do?

9. Take care of your tools to make your job easier

10. Consider mulching

Cauleen had many more helpful suggestions for making our gardens pop!. Her presentation was encouraging and motivating. Just what we need as we move into the gardening season.

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