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At their  March 11 2015  meeting, Northumberland  Master Gardeners were pleased to welcome Marian Jean of Oakridge Dahlias. Marian provided many beautiful pictures and a great deal of information on growing dahlias.

Dahlias come in a large variety of  heights and flower colours, styles and sizes.

In our Zone 5 gardens, dahlias do not over winter so must be dug and stored indoors each winter. Dahlias should be planted out when lilacs bloom and should  be dug up after first frost or by Oct 01.

Dahlias prefer rich, sandy, well drained soil with a ph  between 6.5 and 7. They need a minimum  of 6 hours per day of sun and 1 inch of water per week. They are heavy feeders preferring manure, compost, decomposed leaves. If using fertilizer choose a low nitrogen  one.

Dahlias make a beautiful addition to the late summer garden.


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