Year Of The Garden 2022 – Plant Your Garden Red

This is the year to add a splash of RED to your garden

The Year of the Garden 2022 is inviting all Canadians to plant red this year. A campaign inspired by Communities in Blooms, Hope is Growing wants Canadians to show some pride and enjoy the space you love by adding large or small touches in red. It is one way we can celebrate our communities & country, remember those lost during the pandemic, thank those who supported us during the pandemic (especially front line workers), and a way we can recognize the importance gardens have played in our lives and how they have helped us navigate the last few years.


The plan is simple add some red to gardens, public spaces, clubs, schools, churches, and businesses.  All are invited to participate in this initiative, everyone is welcome as we add splashes of red be it flowers, fruits, shrubs, trees, vegetables, planters, furniture, or decorations.

Looking for inspiration consider the following:Red is a colour for all seasons, whether you start the year with some red tulips (in the garden or as cut flowers indoors), summer roses, echinacea, tomatoes, fall apples, dahlias, burning bushes, or winter poinsettias, dogwoods, and amaryllis. Any touch of red counts and adds to the beauty of the garden both indoors and out. Put out a flag, paint an old table, add a bird feeder, each piece will add to the story of your garden and the celebration of the spaces we all love.

Share the hashtag #PlantRed on social media with the Year of the Garden (YOTG), and visit for more information.

authored by Claire Blahnik

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