Winter is a Great Time to Indoor Garden

Winter is a great time to work on your indoor garden.  I am taking cuttings to share with friends, repotting plants and enjoying all the foliage and blooms that can brighten a gloomy day.

My lovely fiddle leaf fig is getting too big and broad for the space I have, it is now over 5 feet tall and more than a meter in diameter. This means it is time to take cuttings and start the process to share the plant. I have already given 2 rooted fiddle leaf figs to friends and 2 more are ready for new homes. All you need to do is take a cutting of the mother plant, for me it is the tops of the plants which I cut with sterilized felco pruners. I remove any bottom leaves from the cutting, then I dip it into rooting hormone and place it in a mason jar of water where it will stay for a number of months.

Please note that I do the same with other plants as well, my snake plants have produced many new plants this way.  A cutting and water is all you need with a lot of patience.

I have previously shared about growing bromeliads in an ikea greenhouse cabinet.  One of the key components to the cabinet’s success is the light and fan, maintaining ideal tropical growing conditions.  My fan needs to run continuously, I use a small computer fan whereas my grow light runs for 13 hours a day on a timer.  I use a programmable power bar which is connected to an app on my phone. This allows me to set a timer and to override the timer wherever I have internet access. I will use the same set up in spring when I start my seedlings. authored by Claire Blahnik

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