Looking After Tools and Equipment in Preparation For Spring

We are all looking forward to spring and waiting for the ground to thaw so that we can start working with the soil and preparing our gardens.
Whilst we wait there are several things we can do in preparation:
1. Sort out tools and clean and sharpen them. Anything with a cutting edge secateurs, pruners and loppers need to be sharpened and oiled. A film of grime builds up on the cutting edge and can lead to a less that perfect cut. Hand saws also get dull but may need to be taken to a professional sharpener. Many hardware stores or small engine shops provide this service.
2. Garden spades and other digging tools also benefit from cleaning and sharpening. Sometime sand papering the metal is all you need. Take care of the wood with some oiling. The wooden shaft of the spade can show a lot of wear if constantly left out doors in the rain and damp.
3. The loss of small hand tools happens often, put a little bright tape around the handle and they are easier to find when laid down.
4. Get yourself a good gardener’s apron. The gardener’s apron used to be very common. Choose one  with deep pockets for hand tools and seed packets.
5. Sort out your garden pots and containers, put drainage material in the bottom and add fresh potting soil.
There is so much to do all at once when spring arrives. Get a head start by  preparing and collecting your tools now.
Purchase good quality tools and look after them .  They make garden tasks so much easier.
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