Amaryllis as Cut Flowers


Recently I was asked if an amaryllis can be cut and used as a cut flower. Not only is the answer yes, it is good idea for several reasons.

Cut stems can last up to 3 weeks. Amaryllis plants become top heavy when they bloom and have a nasty habit of falling over. A vase supports the tall stem and heavy flower head. In addition cutting stems before they bloom helps the bulb conserve energy for future blooms.

For the longest vase life cut the stems before the flowers open when the first buds are puffed out and soft. Using a clean sharp knife cut the stem at a 45 degree angle about one inch above the bulb. Put the flower stalk in a tall clear vase of room temperature water and move vase to a cool place for several hours or overnight. After resting the flower stem can be cut to desired length and placed in a clean vase with floral preservative added. The water
should be changed every few days and fresh preservative added. If the stems split and curl you can re-cut them. Flowers will last longer if kept cool and out of direct sun.

Authored by Joy Cullen

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