Two Children’s Books For The Children on Your List.

With the Holiday Season approaching, Northumberland Master Gardeners would  like to tell you about two great new books that introduce children to nature and gardens. The  first book is Do You Know Where The Animals Live? written by  Peter Wohlleben. A wonderful book that introduces children to incredible creatures all around us.

Peter’s  introduction to the animal kingdom features playful questions, fun quizzes, and hands-on activities that will help children study and observe animals living around them. In his book you’ll get to know all sorts of animals, from birds and caterpillars in your own backyard to puffer fish in the waters of Australia. Have you ever wondered if animals dream? Or if they can be brave, scared, and loving, just like humans? You’ll find out what’s going on in the hidden, exciting, dangerous, and funny world of animals.

Peter Wohlleben is one of New York Times bestselling authors who wrote The Hidden Life of Trees.   He has written many books for adults and children.   Peter manages his forest academy and an environmentally friendly woodland in Western Germany, where he leads children on educational tours. Do You Know Where The Animals Live? would be suitable for children 8 to 12 years of age.  To purchase Do You Know Where The Animals Live? visit your local independent bookstore. Cost s $24.95.  

The second book we would like to tell you about is Emily’s Flowers written by Ernie Alkenbrack and illustrated by Debbie Nimigan.  Emily introduces flowers beginning in spring with crocus and daffodils, through summer with roses and Queen Anne’s lace to Autumn purple with bellflowers and yellow buttercups.   Emily even watches an amaryllis bulb emerge in winter. Emily loves both wildflowers and cultivated flowers.

Ernie Alkenbrack is a retired high school teacher residing in Brighton Ontario. The book was inspired by Ernie’s second daughter Emily. “The book is about the joy flowers bring to Emily throughout the four seasons”. The book has been beautifully illustrated by Debbie Nimigan who surrounds the wispy pigtailed Emily with beautiful illustrations of the flowers she loves. Emily’s Flowers would be suitable for children 3 to 7 years of age.

A signed copy of Emily’s Flowers can be purchased by sending an email to Ernie’s youngest daughter Jessica Alkenbrack Bashar at The book is $12.00.  

Authored by Christa Bisanz and Carol Anderson

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