Outdoor Planting in Winter for Spring Seedlings

Christine Westbrook provides her first try at winter sowing:

I am new to the winter planting scene and hope that it works!

Repurposed winter sowing supplies

Any type of container will do. Drill holes in top and bottom and cut the sides to make a hinge. Fill with four inches of soil, sprinkle seeds, water, then tape the seam. Don’t forget to number your jugs and keep a list of what you have planted.

Prepped containers placed outside. Notice the air holes!

Place outside in the snow in a spot that will get partial sun in the spring. Remove the tape and open the hinges up on warm days. Close again when there is a risk of frost. Once seedlings are established, plant out in the garden!

Seeds are safe under an insulating layer of snow.

Advice and photos by Christine Westbrook

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