Bittersweet Vine – celastrus scandens

Bittersweet - For the Holidays

Bittersweet – For the Holidays

Easily grown in most soils. Does best with regular moisture. Will grow in part shade but will have a better fruit display if located in full sun.

Prune latewinter or early spring. Mature vines require little pruning just remove all dead or excessive growth material.

 Female plants need a male pollinator to produce the orange berries in fall. One male plant is needed for about 6 females.

Vines may be grown on structures or allowed to ramble along the ground. Space the vines about 3 to 6 feet apart. They will rapidly grow to 20 feet tall; they are very vigorous plants. Hardy to zone 3; we are zone 5b.

 The flowers determine the sex of the plant. The male plant has stamens and the female plant has a pistil.










As you can see they are very similar. Bittersweet is very popular for fall decoration.

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